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hello FLAHICA!

Updated: May 17, 2019

We have had the pleasure of bumping into Inês Catarino, the founder of Flahica, while browsing through sustainable and upcycling projects.

What is Flahica?

This very special brand, created by the very special Inês, re-uses old wetsuits that are not suitable to wear anymore. She grabs these, which would be wasted materials, and turns them into beautiful pieces. Then, the design is created with vintage fabrics, also reusing leftovers. Wow!

What started as something for her, and to stop wasting her own wetsuits when she couldn´t wear them anymore, is now spread amongst all of us who too, want to contribute to her cause and support the fantastic work she does.

We are very happy to have visited her atelier, where all the unique items are made, and to spread the word about Flahica.

Based in Baleal, it´s a perfect location for the material, as many of the surf schools are now partners and donate all the wetsuits that otheriwse would go to landfills.

Have a look and get your own wallet, surfboard bag, or laptop case:

photos by flahica & CW

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