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a word from our hero

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

liliana, our SWAP SPOT hero at Impact Hub, is doing the most fantastic job at managing the SPOT and making sure all questions are answered and all the feedback is noted.

above it all, liliana is doing it with a smile and with the joy of having the feeling of giving her contribute to a better place to live in. a place with less waste and more sustainability, and where our clothes last for longer, can be passed on, and worn until they reach the end of their lives. thumbs up for you dear liliana!

with the task of keeping an eye on the items, keeping the rack tidy, replacing what has not been swapped for a while, and making sure the clothes are for the right season, it´s above all a great way to meet new people and network with everyone at the Impact Hub too :)

so we leave you with the words from our hero:

"when I was presented with the project and the vision of the SWAP SPOTs, I immediately knew I wanted to get on board.

I am co-responsible, jointly with Rita, of the SWAP SPOT of the Impact Hub in Alcântara and I am super excited with this new mission: helping our planet by giving the best example I can to my son!

Since my golden teen years that I swap clothes with my friends and it was so fun to go to a party with a new outfit without spending money and now with the SWAP SPOT we can do the same with the plus of reducing the impact of the clothing industry in the world. By swapping you give and receive, you share and you take direct action in saving the planet. Visit us!"

yes, visit the SWAP SPOTS :) and bring one to wherever you wish, just get in touch!

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