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a little story of who

I am a psychologist. Nothing related to the fashion industry, to clothes design, to environmental engineering.

I went through a phase of fast fashion consumer. It´s important to be honest with ourselves and perceive the changes we go through without hiding from where we came from to begin with.

This is evolution, improvement. I´m proud of the path, not ashamed of the past.

How the perspective of fashion has changed for me is a matter for a different post. This one is just a sharing of some of my early experiences.

I did clinical psychology in Lisbon, went to Sweden for Erasmus to write what it was there my masters thesis, and this trip has changed my life. Why?

I´ve realized the world was pretty big. That most people I came across with had such a different life from mine. So, that I didn´t know anything about anything. And this is an enlightening moment for everyone if you ask me. From this moment on, I felt I wanted to get to know as many people possible, to see as many different places as I could, and to leave some of my tiny contribution for a better world through each corner I passed by.

Ambitious and not always possible. As when we think we want to make a difference, we have to focus on the local, on who we have around us first. So, despite catching the traveling bug and the thirst for the excitement it is arriving to a place that is strange to me, I settled for 5 years working as a psychologist, a therapist, a coach.

This was a long time ago, in 2005. I feel like I have lived several different lives after that already. Again, for a different post.

I am not at the moment working as a psychologist, or for the traditional concept being a psychologist is at least. I quit that job, 8 years ago. Although, improving our emotional intelligence is a little bit easier when we have a background in the human sciences. And emotional intelligence is, indeed, the most precious and useful one to have. I am thankful for having chosen psychology as my 5 years university time. I feel lucky.

Overall, I am a psychologist, not in the active. Love the field though, and didn´t quit for not loving what I was doing. I might go back to it, might not. Right now I want to spread the awareness of how everyone can contribute to a better world, regardless the background. I have been part of several projects that made me feel rewarded, that had nothing to do with my background. So we all can. We just need to want it hard enough.


photo by Nicole Sanchez for Creative Mornings Lisbon

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