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set-up your own


to have for the SPOT:

- clothes hanger (rack)

this will ideally be with material you already have and that you can use to build a rack. ​

it can also be one you already have and are not using anyway.

if buying, we are great fans of our kind supporters Prodelix, a brand which uses plastic waste, and turns it into great material which replaces wood and metal. if you go for this option mention CW for the discounted price.

- hangers

you will need to have hangers for the clothes, and for a good presentation of the SPOT, please use one hanger per item.

again, you will ideally find second hand hangers. get in touch if you need help with this.

SIGNS for the SPOT:

- email us on and we will send you the following files:

  • SWAP SPOT signal

  • "how it works" poster

  • impact measurement sheet

  • safety measure rules for covid-19 procedures

  • leaflet with information about fashion industry

- after receiving the files, be creative and try to reuse as much as you can to make it possible to have the signals great and sustainable: 

  • use spare pieces of wood 

  • use other material you might have extra and where you can paint / print or even bring to the printing store so they can use it

  • if using your printer, do so in recycled paper

some examples of what has already been done:

circularwear green.png
circularwear green.png

first set of clothes:

- if you are a space with a community (co-working space, cafe, hostel, bar, company, startup, or any other):

  • send a call-out to your members asking for 1 piece of clothing they don´t wear anymore (we send you this file too)

  • set a date for the first day of the SPOT

  • put up on the SWAP SPOT all the items brought on the day

- if you are a space that has no community to reach out to:

  • ask your friends for 1 piece of clothing they don´t wear anymore

  • look up in your closet, for sure you will find some

  • contact us and we will bring you some items for the first set of clothes of the SPOT

to be part of the CW network of SWAP SPOTs, be included in the maps, and have your SPOT promoted on our website:​

- email us with:

  • the accurate address of your SPOT

  • your logo, so we can include it in our SPOTs page

  • photos of your new SWAP SPOT

after the SPOT is all set-up:

- keep it tidy

- don´t let it get overloaded

- make some adjustments when the season changes (keep the winter clothes stored when summer arrives)

- donate surplus clothes that you see have not been taken by anyone for many months, to a local charity

- feel free to get in touch if: 

  • you need help with connecting with a local charity for donations if needed

  • you need help with communicating your SPOT

  • you have any suggestions 

  • you want us to visit you and present the project, for networking or just a talk about the concept

circularwear green.png
circularwear green.png
circularwear green.png
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