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Circular Wear aims to spread the awareness on how the traditional fashion industry is damaging our mother Earth. How our consumer habits contribute for the waste and pollution generated each year because us, humans, perceive our clothes as disposable.

Let´s think about where our clothes end up when we don´t want them anymore.

Let´s think about the resources used to produce new items.

It´s ok if you haven´t yet. Start now.

CW awareness

A community of individuals who get together to spread the word and to promote a new life style. One where we all contribute for a healthier planet.

CW belongs to all of us, and aims to be everyone´s mission.

We can swap our clothes, get new items which we get excited about, from someone who is bored of them. Prevent these from ending up in landfills and making them last.

Shop at second hand and sustainable stores, supporting all businesses and communities with the same mission.

CW community

Changing our consumer habits, demanding recycled items, supporting companies which are environmental friendly, swapping, buying second hand.  We are all agents of behaviour change.

With sustainability being a priority in our daily lives.

Each person can make a difference, believe it. Many "one persons" make the world change.

CW change


CW - Circular Wear started as a personal choice. For several years I haven´t bought new clothes, and organized dinners with friends in order to swap. It made sense to me that the items I didn´t want anymore would be great and new to my friends. As so theirs to me. As I believe is also many people´s choice.

At the same time, the second hand charity shops were always my first choice. I figured: perfect model this is, to get clothes for a low price, that don´t support mass production and mass consumption, and that at the same time, help an organization with a social / environmental project. Then a great team joined, full of people with the same mind-set. CW is now everyone´s project.

But the more one digs into it, the more one realizes that the fashion industry is actually the second more polluting in the world. So the more and more one feels driven to share this concept and to try getting everyone on board so that, together, we can achieve a better model in what regards this industry, and prevent the pollution caused by it. Or at least do our best.

There is so much to learn, and CW aims for a 100% sustainable brand. We just want to close the loop. All existing fabrics, clothes, are already enough for some centuries, we don´t need to produce from raw, we just need to re-invent this production. From clothes to clothes, in a non-polluting system. CW believes this will be possible soon.


In the meantime let´s extend the life of what we already have.

We would love to hear from you if you have new ideas too!

want to support us?

be a super-star of CW and sponsor our great team in our mission:

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